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Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Stapleton
Welcome and thank you for your interest in the City of Covina. This is an exciting and difficult time for the City of Covina and its residents. Like many cities in Los Angeles County, in California and nationally, Covina faces real and serious financial challenges. Nevertheless, I believe our citizens and the City leadership will rise to meet the challenges necessary to protect our current service levels, keep Covina fiscally sound to maintain our property values and to continue to provide the highest quality of life sustainable under the circumstances.

The charm of Covina to me has always been the small town feeling and "main street America" look of our downtown area. The City Council is taking several steps to encourage new and existing property owners to improve their buildings in order to attract new tenants and to bring new business into the downtown area. We are also working to attract new businesses throughout Covina. We hope you like the changes!

Our police department and fire service remain the top priority for our residents and this Council has expressed its intent to maintain those services to the highest level that is financially viable. We are also repairing streets as quickly as we are financially able and going about our business of providing other exemplary services to all residents and businesses.

Thanks again for your interest. If I, or any of my other council members or any of our employees may be of assistance to you or answer any questions, please call (626) 384-5410 or e-mail me.


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