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Functions and Services of the Planning Division PDF Print E-mail

Major Functions of the Planning Division

  • Maintain the City’s comprehensive General Plan, which serves as the legal guide all development in the community, and advise the City Council, City Manager and Planning Commission on issues involving the future development of the community.
  • Advise residents, property owners and developers on the use of real property
  • Review proposals to develop, remodel or alter buildings, parking lots or other man made structures and ensure compliance with applicable zoning standards and design guidelines.
  • Maintain records and statistics on the population and demographics of the City.
  • Review the potential environmental consequences of public and private actions pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.
  • Administer the Historic Preservation Ordinance and Plan.
  • Process requests to annex property into the City of Covina.

Public Services Provided by the Planning Division

  • Continuous telephone and public counter coverage during working hours to respond to inquiries and process development applications and building permits in a timely manner.
  • Provision of information and interpretation of the various federal, state and local land use regulations
  • Preparation and distribution of handouts and maps showing information such as City streets, zoning, demographics, development standards and historic areas.