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City releases this year’s list of people or organizations owed money from the City; October 1 is deadline to submit claim.

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Unclaimed Property List

Claim Form 

The deadline to submit a valid claim is October 1, 2014. Valid claims will require proof of ownership. On October 1, 2014, any unclaimed property will be added to the City’s General Fund.

The unclaimed property list consists of 295 unclaimed items including uncashed vendor checks and utility account credit balances. Utility account credit balances occur when a customer overpays their account and does not request a refund. The total dollar amount of items on the list is approximately $18,599 and the average amount per customer is approximately $63.

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The Finance Department is responsible for the administration of the City’s fiscal condition, services, and resources. Major service systems include financial reporting, budgeting, accounting, cashiering, business licensing and utility billing.

In addition the department provides staff support to the City Treasurer through specified department employees deputized to act on behalf of the Treasurer.

The significant department tasks are as follows: preparing annual and periodic financial reports and analysis; preparation of the annual budget; controlling expenditures for budgetary accounts; investing idle funds; receipting and disbursing funds; maintaining internal control over financial transactions and resources; issuing business licenses and parking permits; acting as trustee for the special assessment bond transactions; and providing centralized accounts receivable processing and control. The department coordinates and controls the City’s decentralized purchasing functions. The department also provides the above-mentioned services to the Covina Redevelopment Agency.

Major Functions of the Finance Department:


The current Elected City Treasurer is Geoffrey Cobbett.


Geoff Cobbett 2

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Contact Information

Business License - (626) 384-5506
Water Billing - (626) 354-7579
Refuse Billing - (626) 384-5510
Accounts Payable - (626) 384-5504
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Locations & Hours

Covina City Hall
125 E. College Street
Covina, CA 91723
Monday - Thursday, 7 am - 6 pm