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newspaper_archive_logoAccess Newspaper Archive
Browse, search, save and print newspapers dating from 1759 to 1977 using the world's largest online source for historic newspapers -- including The Covina Argus, Covina's own historic newspaper! In library use only, with the exception of The Covina Argus.

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Connect to an online tutor and get your homework done with Live Homework Help, which is an online tutoring service powered by Brainfuse. Services provided by Brainfuse HelpNow include: homework; skills building; a 24-hour writing lab; test center; 24/7 help center; and a foreign language center.

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All DataAll Data Online Car Repair
Need to repair your car? This is the database for you. Some of the features of this database include:
1. Wiring diagrams. All Data Online includes diagrams for every vehicle back to 1982. The wiring diagrams retain their clarity when zooming and allow you to search for information easier by finding and highlighting the text of the repair articles based on specific keywords within the diagram.
2. Technical Services bulletin. Posts information regarding recalls including why something was recalled and the service needed to fix the issue.

3. Maintenance. Provides information on the types of maintenance and a suggested schedule of when inspections and related servies should be done.
You will need to visit the library to use this database. For more information, call the reference desk at (626) 384-5293.

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worldbook_kidsWorld Book Kids
Especially for young public library patrons, this site offers easy-to-read articles and a wealth of engaging multimedia, games, science projects, interactive tools, and activities. In library use only.

worldbook_studentWorld Book Online
Includes the articles of the World Book Encyclopedia, a Biography Center, dictionary, atlas, an extensive multimedia collection, thousands of editor-selected Web sites, correlations to curriculum standards, and much more. In library use only.

worldbook_spanish_encyclopediaEnciclopedia Estudiantil
World Book Online en español. In library use only.



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tumblebook_iconTumbleBookLibrary is an online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. TumbleBooks are created by adding animation, sound, music and narration to existing picture books in order to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you. The TumbleBookLibrary provides enrichment to students who are reading independently with a variety of high interest material. It also provides support to students who require skill building with a variety of exercises that can be matched with other areas of the curriculum.