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Major Functions

  • The Building and Safety Section provides information pertaining to any facet of construction, assisting architects, engineers, contractors and property owners with interpretations and comprehension of the various construction related codes.
  • Blueprints (plans) are submitted for review to the Building and Safety Section by architects, engineers, contractors and property owners, ensuring compliance with state and local codes including life safety issues, structural integrity, disabled accessibility and energy efficiency.



Public Services

  • The Building and Safety Section serves by verifying safeguards and protecting public welfare through review and inspection of building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical construction practices.

  • In compliance with state and local construction laws, the division provides residents, contractors anddevelopers professional guidance relating to seismic, wind, and fire safety.

  • Building and Safety Section staff members are professionally certified, educated and experienced in the various aspects of construction including design, review and inspection.

  • Informational handouts which detail requirements for block walls, patio covers, and other miscellaneous construction related information are available.

  • Permits will expire if work is not commenced 180 days from the permit issuance date or if the project goes 180 days without passing inspection. To re-active expired permits renewal fees will be required. When submitting plans to our plan review consultant, the average response time for room additions and other types of minor construction projects is 10 working days.

  • Extensions must be applied for in writing prior to permit expiration and can result in a maximum of one 180-day extension. Extensions are subject to approval from the Building Official based on hardship.

  • The Building and Safety Section will inform you of any Los Angeles County Fire Department requirements that may pertain to your project. The number for Fire Department inquiries is: (626) 974-8335.

  • Plan checks are good for 180 days after they are approved. If permits are not pulled prior to that time, additional fees will be required to re-activate the plan check.

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