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Advanced Workshops

Advanced workshops introduce organic gardening, landscaping with native friendly and drought tolerant plants, and integrated pest managment (environmental ways to control pests). Residents can purchase a backyard or worm composting bin at a discount at the workshop.

Saturday, May 16, 2015 FOTO COMPOSTAJE1

9:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Charter Oak Park

20261 Covina Blvd. Covina, CA 91724

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Attend a Smart Gardening Advanced Workshop and learn more about organic gardening, the art and science of good soil, Integrated Pest Management, conserving water around the garden, and using native and drought-tolerant plants!

City of Covina residents that attend these workshops will receive a voucher for a FREE compost bin and kitchen composter.


Beginners Workshops

Beginning workshops provide hands-on instruction on composting, worm composting, grasscycling, and water-wise and fire-wise gardening.

Please check back later for the next available workshop.

Non-Covina attendees can purchase compost bins at the subsidized prices of $40 each for a backyard compost bin and $65 each for a worm compost bin (this price includes 1/2 lb. of worms).

Click here for a comprehensive list of Smart Gardening Workshops (Beginning, Advanced and specialized workshops) throughout Los Angeles County.  More information on composting, gardening, native plants, and "waterwise" plants is available at

For additional information on upcoming workshops, please contact the City of Covina, Environmental Services Section at (626) 384-5480.