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The City of Covina is required, by State mandate, to protect the health and safety of the public while ensuring that the wastewater collection systems and treatment plants are not unduly impacted by discharges from industrial users.

An industrial user is a discharger of any water bearing waste other than domestic wastewater or of wastewater generated from household-type operations performed at commercial establishments for, or to support, commercial purposes. Businesses that are industrial users are required to obtain a Non-Domestic Wastewater Disposal Permit from the City of Covina.

Existing and new businesses in the City of Covina are required to review the requirements set forth in the Industrial Waste Program Ordinance as specified by Ordinance No. 08-1953 and amended with Ordinance No. 10-1982 in Title 13 of the Covina Municipal Code and determine if they are required to comply with the ordinance. Examples of businesses that are required to apply for an industrial wastewater discharge permit are (but not limited to) metal finishing and plating shops, car washes, food service establishments, (restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, etc.) laundries and printed circuit board manufacturers.

Please contact Environmental Services Division of the Public Works Department if you have questions or are not sure if you are required to apply for a permit. To find out more about the permit, click here.

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Permits from the Environmental Services Section are required for the following activites in the City of Covina:

Refuse Roll-Off Bins - All refuse roll-off bins must be obtained from the City's exclusive franchise refuse hauler, Athens Services.  Roll-offs placed on the property of the resident or business that has contracted for the bin do not require a permit.  However, in order to place a roll-off bin in the public right-of-way, an encroachment permit must be obtained from the Engineering Section.

Pool Draining Permit - Prior to draining your pool, please fill out and submit this Pool Draining Permit Application to the Environmental Services Section. No fee is required, but fines may be assessed if your pool is drained without obtaining a permit. Please click here to view the City of Covina's stormwater pollution prevention guide for swimming pools.

Non-Domestic Wastewater (Industrial Waste) Disposal Permit Restaurants, industrial facilities and certain commercial facilities that discharge industrial/commercial or non-domestic wastewater to the City's sewer collection system are required to obtain a Non-Domestic Wastewater (Industrial Waste) Disposal  Permit.  Non-domestic wastewater is generated from food processing, manufacturing, commercial or other operations including household type operations performed at commercial establishments or to support commercial purposes.  The first step toward obtaining a permit is turning in the Non-Domestic Wastewater (Industrial Waste) Permit Application Click here for frequently asked questions about the Industrial Waste Permit

State General Construction Permit -  Construction sites 1 acre or greater are required to obtain a General Permit for Discharges of Storm Water Associated with Construction Activity from the State Water Resources Control Board (see Construction General Permit Order 2009-0009-DWQ for details) .  A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and the Waste Discharge Identification Number (WDID) that is provided to the applicant by the State must be submitted to the Environmental Services Section for review and approval before any grading or building permit is issued for construction sites 1 acre or greater. Click here for a list of FAQs regarding the Construction General Permit.  The California Stormwater Quality Association has produced this California General Construction Permit Overview.

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Contact Environmental Services at (626) 384-5480 for information on the following programs:

logo finalWaste Collection & Recycling; Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Disposal; Composting, Water Conservation and Drought Tolerant Gardens; Sharps and Pharmaceuticals Disposal; Used Motor Oil & Filters Recycling; Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and alternative vehicle fueling; Storm Water Pollution Prevention and Water Quality, Energy Conservation and Sustainability.

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