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In December of 2012 the Covina City Council approved a Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance in order to help the City proactively regulate the health, safety and welfare of non-owner occupied rental properties.  City staff projects that inital inspections of all properties will be completed by February 2014.  In November of 2012 a second notice was sent to all properties that did not respond to the first mailing of June 2012, properties that do not respond will receive a third notice and a first administrative citation in January of 2014, with administrative citations following every 30 days until program compliance is achieved.   

Rental Inspection Frequently Asked Questions


What is Code Enforcement? PDF Print E-mail

Code Enforcement is a section of the Public Works Department.  It is the goal  of the Code Enforcement Section to maintain and improve the quality of life through education and communication within residential, commercial and industrial areas of our City.

Code Enforcement Officers work both in the field and in the office.  In the field they respond to complaints, conduct on site inspections, determine when a violation of the City's Municipal Code exists and work with property owners to achieve voluntary compliance.  In the office, Officers research the municipal code; as well as zoning, environmental, building and land use regulations to determine compliance.  Officers respond to all questions and concerns, and protect the privacy rights of complaintants and violators within the limits of the law.

To accomplish Code Enforcement's goal, the City has adopted the standards set forth in the Uniform Housing Code and has been diligently working on new City Ordinances.  As we partner with residents, property owners and businesses within our City; we are looking to increase public awareness of our City’s Ordinances and Municipal Codes and to seek voluntary compliance when violations are identified.  In situations where violations continue unabated, a fair and unbiased compliance process that includes fines, civil and criminal prosecution to bring blighted areas into compliance exists.

If you have any questions please contact the Code Enforcement Section by calling (626) 384-5470.  Please be advised that Code Enforcement Officers are out in the field for most of the day.  Please leave a detailed message when you call so that an Officer can respond to your complaint or inquiry.
Code Enforcement Section