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Coyote_HowlingCOYOTES IN COVINA: Coyote sightings are on the rise in Covina neighborhoods. The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control offers the following reporting guidelines for coyotes seen in your neighborhood. For general sightings such as a coyote running down your street, you can contact the Department of Agriculture at 626-575-5462.


For information about safe guarding your pets and homes from Coyotes, click Preventing Coyote Conflicts.  For information on how to deal with coyotes when confronted by a coyote, click Coyote Hazing Guidelines.  Both of these documents have been prepared by The Humane Society of the United States.  The California Department of Fish and Game has also prepared a guide for safe guarding your homes and pets called Keep Me Wild.  For a coyote in your yard, interfering with the public's safety, or harming a neighborhood pet, you can call the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control at 626-962-3577.

Animal License Canvassing Efforts in City of Covina

Officers from the Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) will be in the City of Covina beginning April and May 2013, checking for documentation of current rabies vaccinations, and ensuring residents are in compliance with licensing requirements. Securing a dog license is an important part of identification and can assist animal control agencies if your pet becomes lost.

City of Covina pet owners are advised to be in compliance with licensing requirements.  The licensing fees for City residents are as follows:

•             Unaltered dog- $60

•             Altered dog- $20

•             Altered dog belonging to a senior citizen (60+)- $7.50

•             Penalty fee- An additional charge, equal to the license fee

Residents who are not in compliance will be subject to license fees and delinquency charges, including a $40 field enforcement fee, to offset the cost of the Department’s field services. In order to avoid penalties, be sure to license your dog. You can secure a new dog license by printing the application online at, or visiting your local County animal care center. If your license is not delinquent, you can also renew it through the Internet. DACC offers low cost vaccination clinics and low cost assistance (for individuals who qualify) for spay and neuter surgeries. Please visit the website or stop by your local County animal care center for more information about these services.

The Covina Police Department offers many ways to keep the community informed. Please use the links to access this info.

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