The Cultural Arts Advisory Commission consists of nine (9) members.  Covina residency is not a
requirement; however, it is recommended that individuals have an interest in enriching the community
through the advocacy and promotion of the arts.  Commission members must be dedicated to nurturing
the educational, social and economic growth of the City’s cultural environment in which the arts,
heritage and creativity of all citizens is supported and encouraged.  This Commission should include a
diverse representation by businesses, educators, school districts, individual artists and art patrons.

The Commissioners serve for a term of three years, on a rotating basis, and are appointed by the City

The Cultural Arts Advisory Commission holds its regular meetings on the Wednesday following the
second Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 p.m., at various locations throughout Covina.  All meetings are
open to the public and are subject to a formal agenda noticed publicly in advance.  Formal minutes
(notes) are also prepared as a public record.

The functions of the Cultural Arts Advisory Commission are: (1) to establish programs that provide a
rich arts experience in all disciplines to a diverse audience; (2) to provide cultural opportunities and
encourage artistic and economic growth in the City of Covina; (3) to expand and enhance arts
education in our schools and our community at large; and (4) to engage all members of the community
in the discussion, support and participation in the arts.