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Important Information - Before you Appy

Personal Appearance / Tattoo Policy / No Exceptions: While on duty or representing the Department in an official capacity, tattoos, body art, body piercings or alterations of the body visible in department issued and authorized uniforms or attire is prohibited. Attempts to conceal tattoos, body art, body piercings or alterations of the body using "Arm bands", bandages, or any other means is unacceptable. This means tattoos on the hands, fingers, neck and face are disqualifiers. Tattoos on the arm below the length of the short sleeve uniform shirt will require an employee to wear a long sleeve uniform shirt, regardless the summer temperature (no exceptions). If you do not qualify based on this policy please DO NOT APPLY

Background Investigations

Many police officer applicants compete through lengthy testing processes, only to find out after several months that their personal history makes them unemployable as police officers. While it is impossible to cover every example here, the Covina Police Department officers information below for potential applicants to consider before applying.

Background Investigations start with applicants completing a Personal History Statement (PHS). There are two versions of the PHS, one for officers and one for dispatchers and other non-sworn positions. Both versions are accessible via the California Police Officer Standards and Training website at www.post.ca.gov

The 27 page PHS requires applicants to fully disclose relatives and references, job history, legal, financial, driving history and more. Applicants will also be required to provide documents in support of their PHS claims, such as sealed school transcripts. Background Investigators interview candidates, references, co-workers, supervisors, neighbors and acquaintances among others. Candidates are required to submit to and pass a polygraph exam as part of the investigation. The Chief of Police reviews all candidate background investigation files before making a decision as to whether or not to accommodate a Chief's Interview. The Chief of Police is the appointing authority for all positions.

If you are considering applying for a position at the Covina Police Department, you are encouraged to review the PHS. Additional inquiries regarding background investigations can be submitted via email to Sergeant Gregg Peterson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .