Although Covina residency is not a requirement, volunteers for this six-member Youth Accountability
Board must be dedicated to enriching the community through intervention into the behavior and
activities of first-time juvenile offenders who have committed a minor offense.

The offending juvenile and his/her parents must agree to participate in the program for a 6-month
period.  All parties agree to the terms of a performance contract governing school attendance, school
grades, behavior, and attendance at counseling sessions with a mental health professional.  Successful
completion of the program will result in a non-filing of the case with the juvenile court.  Failure to
successfully complete the program will result in the referral of the matter to the juvenile court.  The
ultimate goal of the program is to lower the recidivism rate among the program participants.   

The Board members are appointed by the City Council to a term of two years.  Oversight of the Board
will be provided by the police department. The Board will meet bi-monthly during evening hours.  
Board members will be subject to a thorough background investigation and will be required to sign a
confidentiality notice pertaining to all juvenile matters heard by the board.  Highly desirable applicants
will either live or work in Covina and be graduates of the Covina Police Department Citizens’