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Currently under Planning Review.

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Project Description

The Project consists of the construction of a 4-story self-storage facility, with a rental office, and secured parking areas. The existing building and all site improvements will be demolished. The proposed building includes 45,896 SF per story on approximately 2.55 acres and the facility totals 183,584 square feet. The Project site is designed with a looped driveway with both the exit and entrance on Cutter Way. The building would have enhanced architectural features such as variations in coloring to create architectural dimension, enhanced articulated facades, which will serve to form an office-like appearance on portions of the buildings that will be street facing. The project is proposing a minimum landscape setback of 25 feet along the Cutter Way boundaries of the site with a 25-foot setback on the boundary near W San Bernardino Road. The north and west boundaries of the property will be lined with a 8ft high wall.


529 Cutter Way




Westport Properties 660 Newport Center Drive Suite 1450
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Property Owner:

Faith Community Church
Attn: Mel Gaines 1211 E. Badillo Street
West Covina, CA 91790

Staff Contact:

Mercenia Lugo,
Planning Manager

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