Fire Department & Paramedic Services

If you have an emergency, dial 911.

Fire and paramedic services for Covina are provided 24 hours a day by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
Los Angeles County Fire stations and non-emergency telephone numbers in the City of Covina are:

  • Station 152, located at 807 West Cypress Avenue; (626) 974 8361
  • Station 153, located at 1577 East Cypress Avenue; (626) 974-8362
  • Station 154, located at 401 North Second Avenue; (626) 974-8331

Fire Prevention, East Region, Covina, the office that handles requests for inspections, is located at 400 North Citrus Avenue, adjacent to the Ploce Department. Service hours for this office are from 8:00 to 10: 30 am, Monday through Thursday, and every other Friday.

Fire Prevention office, including a request for inspection, East Region, Covina, area code (626) 974-8335.

Los Angeles County Fire Department’s website is

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