Project Updates

Currently Under Construction
City Council Approval – June 15, 2021
Planning Commission Approval – May 21, 2021

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Project Description

The Project proposes to construct 151 residential units, which include 44 flex townhomes and 107 townhomes/flats. Each residence would include a garage for the unit. The Project would also include a driveway entrance from Barranca Avenue, a utility/maintenance gated entrance on the southwest corner of the site, private drives, and landscaped and recreational areas. An Evergreen buffer tree line is proposed along the westerly perimeter of the property, abutting residential homes west of the project site, to provide adequate privacy screening that will benefit both parcels. A pedestrian connection is also proposed from Kelby Park to the north, and a future city development called “Covina Recreational Village Park” is on the southwest portion of the project site.


707 N. Barranca Avenue




Trumark Homes, LLC
Attn: Eric Nelson

Property Owner:

Trumark Homes, LLC
Attn: Eric Nelson

Staff Contact:

Mercenia Lugo,
Planning Manager

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