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Project Updates

City Council Approval – December 19, 2023
Planning Commission Approval – November 14, 2023

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Project Description

The approximately 8.0-acre Covina Village Specific Plan area is located within the western portion of the City of Covina, at 1000 North Azusa Avenue. The Covina Village Specific Plan is comprised of two (2) Planning Areas (PA) and is proposed as an integrated Mixed-Use development that will accommodate a range of commercial and residential uses. The following summarizes each of these PAs.
Planning Area 1 (Townhome Residential)
Planning Area 1 (Townhome Residential) is an approximate 5.1-acre area located at 1000 N. Azusa Avenue (portions of APN 8421-001-016 and 8421-001-061). As proposed, two residential product types will be provided, including 80 attached residential townhome units and 17 live/work attached residential townhome units, for a total of 97 townhome units. This residential community will be serviced with private drive aisles, parking, landscaping, and recreation areas that include a private community swimming pool and spa recreation facilities. All proposed residential units will be attached townhomes and market rate for-sale. The proposed live/work units will each be a single dwelling unit consisting of both a commercial/office and a residential component that is occupied by the same resident.
Planning Area 2 (Commercial)
Planning Area 2 (Commercial) is an approximate 2.8-acre area that is located immediately west of PA 1 within the Specific Plan area. PA 2 is also located at 1000 N. Azusa Avenue (portions of APN 8421-001-016 and 8421-001-061). As proposed, PA 2 will include three commercial pads to accommodate future commercial uses with drive-through capabilities. The sizes of these pad areas are 58,430 SF (1.3 acres), 29,584 SF (0.7 acre), and 34,242 SF (0.8 acre). Anticipated uses to be served by these pad areas include a self-service drive-through mechanical car wash and self-serve vacuum area, a walk-up coffee shop with drive-through, and a restaurant with drive-through.


1000 N. Azusa Avenue


8421-001-016 and 8421-001-061


Melia Homes Inc.
Attn: Chad Brown

Property Owner:

PKL Investments, LLC
Attn: Allan Lui

Staff Contact:

Mercenia Lugo,
Planning Manager

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