Parking in Covina

Parking in Covina

Parking regulations vary throughout the City of Covina, please note all posted signs and curb markings when parking your vehicle. Overnight on-street parking is not permitted in the City of Covina, and no vehicle may be parked consecutively for more than 72 hours without being subject to citation. For general questions on parking, please call (626) 384-5520.

Parking Locations

Downtown Covina Parking

Within Downtown Covina, there are various parking options, with 4-hour parking available in public parking lots and 2-hour parking along Citrus Avenue and side streets. Monthly municipal parking lot permits are also available for all public parking lots.

Daily parking permits for Downtown Covina public parking lots may be purchased for $2 at the parking permit kiosk on the second floor of the Civic Center Parking Structure (124 East College Street). No other daily permit allows a vehicle to park for more than 4 hours in a public parking lot on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm.

Monthly Municipal Parking Permits, which are valid for parking 24 hours a day in all Downtown Covina public parking lots, are sold exclusively online at or by calling (303) 759-4276 — no permits are sold at Covina City Hall. Please allow two to five days for delivery through the US Postal Service. A valid daily permit must be purchased and displayed until the monthly permit arrives in the mail.

Covina Metrolink Station Parking

Metrolink Parking Structure (Metro West) – 559 North Citrus Avenue
Parking permits are required Monday through Friday, from 4 am to midnight. Daily parking is available for a fee of $2 per day on weekdays and can be purchased from parking permit kiosks on each floor (debit or credit card only). Parking on weekends is free, from 4 am to midnight.

Monthly parking permits are available and sold exclusively online. Please allow two to five days for delivery through the US Postal Service.

Overnight parking permits are required seven days per week and can be purchased from parking permit kiosks on each floor (debit or credit card only).

For additional information or to purchase daily or monthly Metrolink commuter parking permits, please visit

Metrolink Parking Lot (Metro East) – 600 North Citrus Avenue
Monthly parking permits are required to park at the Covina Metrolink Station Parking Lot (adjacent to the station platform) on weekdays, and all vehicles must display a valid permit. Parking on weekends is free, from 4 am to midnight.

Monthly parking permits for the Metrolink East Parking Lot are available in limited numbers; however, monthly parking permits are available for the Metrolink West Parking Structure located across the street from the Covina Metrolink Station.

Overnight parking is not permitted. For overnight Metrolink parking, please use the Metrolink West Parking Structure.

For additional information or to purchase monthly Metrolink commuter parking permits, please visit

Metrolink Station – Long-Term Parking Available
Long Term Parking for Travelers using the Covina Metrolink Station is available at the Metrolink West Parking Structure, 559 North Citrus Avenue.

If you are traveling to Union Station or LAX via Metrolink, a single-day, 24-hour parking permit can be purchased online for up to 7 days at only $5 per day. The single-day, 24-hour parking permit is valid for parking on the 3rd floor of the Metrolink West Parking Structure. To purchase a single-day, 24-hour parking permit, please visit and select “SINGLE DAY PRINTABLE PERMIT.”

Please call (626) 384-5520 for additional information or questions regarding long-term parking at the Covina Metrolink Station.

Parking in Shoppers Lane

Parking in Shoppers Lane is intended to improve economic activity for the merchants of Shoppers Lane by increasing parking turnover and ensuring customers are provided with convenient parking spaces.

Parking options for customers include on-street parking spaces closest to the businesses that are subject to a two-hour time limit Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. A 3-hour parking restriction applies to Shoppers Lane’s off-street (farthest) parking lot from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday.

Daily and monthly parking permits are available by debit or credit card at for $2 (daily) and $20 (monthly).  A monthly permit exempts a vehicle from the timed restriction in the off-street parking lot.

Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs)

Restricted Parking Zones, or RPZs, are created to ease parking impacts in residential neighborhoods adjacent to significant generation points (such as hospitals, schools, and commuter rail stations).  In RPZs, on-street parking is restricted to the general public to ensure residents and their short-term visitors can park.  Currently, there are three RPZs within the City: the Metrolink Station Zone, the Cedar Drive Zone, and the Northview High School Zone.

Daytime On-Street Residential Parking Permits are available to residents who live near these areas to prioritize residential parking over commuter parking and ensure residents do not receive a ticket.  Permits are valid for on-street parking from 5 am to 7:30 pm on weekdays unless otherwise posted.  A Daytime On-Street Residential Permit does not exempt the holder from the City of Covina overnight parking regulations. 

If you are a Covina resident residing in an RPZ and need a Daytime On-Street Residential Permit, please visit the Covina City Hall Public Works Counter Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Covina has six (6) electric vehicle charging stations (managed by ChargePoint) located in and around Downtown Covina. Note that posted parking permit regulations must be followed when charging vehicles.

  • Civic Center Parking Structure (124 E. College Street)
    • One (1) station, two (2) connections. Located on the first floor.
  • Metrolink West Parking Structure (559 N. Citrus Avenue)
    • Two (2) stations, four (4) connections. Located on the first floor.
  • Parking Lot No. 4 (On College Street behind 201 N Citrus Avenue)
    • Two (2) stations, six (6) connections.
  • 135 E. Badillo Street Parking Lot
    • One (1) station, two (2) connections.

Overnight Parking

Pursuant to City Ordinance 10.32.180, parking on City streets between the hours of 2am and 4am is prohibited in the City of Covina without a valid parking permit. To secure a Temporary Overnight Parking Permit ($4 per night), permits can be purchased at the kiosk located at the front entrance of the Covina Police Department located at 444 N. Citrus Avenue or purchased online click here. Temporary overnight parking permits can also be purchased at the (2) locations listed below:

Metrolink Parking Structure, 559 N. Citrus Avenue – 4 Kiosks Available

Civic Center Parking Structure, 124 E. College Street – 1 Kiosk Available

Temporary overnight parking permits are for City streets only. For long-term or annual overnight parking For further questions, please contact the Covina Police Department at 626-384-5676.

Parking Citations

The Covina Police Department issues parking citations.  For questions regarding a citation, please contact the Parking Information Line at (626) 384-5676.

Please click here to pay a parking citation or call toll-free (877) 236-2958.

To appeal a citation, please click here

Note: Citation appeals must be submitted within twenty-one (21) days of the receipt of the citation.

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